Career Assessments

There are many career opportunities and pathways in today's labor market. The best way to discover what's best for you is through a career assessment.

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Interest Assessments

 Skills Match Assessments
 Personality Assessments
FSET-Funded Formal Assessments 

  All assessments are free or no cost to FSET Participants.

Interest Assessments

RoadTripNation - 3 minutes

CareerOneStop - 30 questions, 5 minutes

MyPlan - 20 questions, 12 minutes

Career Cluster - 5 - 10 minutes

Interest Profiler ONET - 60 questions

Downloadable ONET program - install on Windows

Skills Match Assessments

CareerOneStop - 40 questions, 7 minutes

MySkills - evaluates skills on your past jobs

Work Values - Virginia Community Colleges

Personality Assessments

Personality Test - 12 minutes

Big Five - 5 minutes

FSET-Funded Formal Assessments

The COPS system assesses Values, Interests and Abilities. If interested in this paid assessment, let your FSET Case Manager know!


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